Such internal mounting of a light is against normal thought as is shown by lack of any such system in the last century of vehicle lights.

Mr Martin Earley Patent Attorney
Disabled Motorists Australia

The adaptation of the technology to Power Chairs and Personal Mobility Vehicles in any situation is a breakthrough in improving safety for users of these devices.

Rosslyn Pickhaver President Disabled Motorists Australia
MA Logo (96x100)

MA sees great potential for the Wireless Safety System not only for competitive motorcycle sport, but towards safety initiatives translating across all motorcycle use.

Mr David White CEO Motorcycling Australia

..It does reconise the potential road safety benefits provided by a safety system of this type. 

Traffic Accident Commission Victoria Australia
Wayne Gardner

I am a major advocate of motorcycle safety and was extremely impressed with the concept.. I believe it will be of major benefit within the industry, which is crying out for a safety system of this nature.

Wayne Gardner 500cc World Champion

The conspicuity enhancing effect of this system both pre and post crash could have significant effects in reducing crash occurrence, specifically failure to see crashes, and in reducing the severity of crashes by decreasing critical response time , particularly in rural and night time crashes where the vehicle may be difficult to locate.

Monash University Accident Research Centre Report

This is one of few ITS devices that has been specifically designed for motorcycles..

Monash University Accident Research Centre Report

There is a high instance of running-off road crashes on curves in motorcycles. Any system that addresses the balance of the motorcycle may have great potential safety benefits for this type of crash.

Monash University Accident Research Centre Report